…to pick up a brush.

20140616-181116-65476570.jpgPickup up a brush is hard. I’m not very good at watercolor. Not that I’m fantastic at drawing (though I swear this from-life drawing of my little girl was better before I starting adding paint…aside from her strangely shaped head). And it’s hard to practice something you’re not good at when you know you’re decent at other things… But I really do want to get better. And I really want to expand my drawing ability, too. But, more, I really just LOVE watercolor. Even when mine look like crap, I have a lot of fun with it. And when I see what other people can do (check out Beach, by Elisha Cooper), I’m swept away with how wonderful it is. And I try to figure out how they did it. Some of what Elisha Cooper does is so SIMPLE and perfect. And there are BEAUTIFUL portraits on YouTube (I love the speed paintings by Agnes Cecile). But still, enjoying these things does not mean that I’m getting any better at the skills I admire. Why? Because I refuse to pick up the brush. I’m embarrassed by how bad I am.

It’s time for that to end. I’ve finally been beaten to submission by the advice of people like Chris Guillebeau telling me to stop doing nothing. Only way to get better is to do. And do I will. This would have been even better if Little Girl hadn’t discovered I was drawing her and started shaking my hand with the paint brush. 🙂 And one of these days I won’t feel the need to go over in ink.



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