Why yes, I DO have a son…

20140617-142959-52199578.jpg But you’d really never know it based on my sketchbook or, some weeks, my camera. He just won’t sit still and refuses to have his picture taken most days. Today we had a penicillin challenge. He’s had serum sickness for it and cefdinir. It’s terrible: 3 weeks of itching, pain, and swelling. So poor boy spent 5 hours in a tiny room getting a bit of medicine ever 3o minutes or so. No reaction, though I don’t think I’ll be giving him either class of drugs if we can help it. And if we can’t, I’m going to need to give him zyrtec when we start giving it to him.


But I brought the wrong few pencils. And I sort of hate using watercolor pencils. They’re not as fun as real watercolor. And when you grab colors that aren’t primary it’s hard to mix them. They are fun to have on hand to finish up a watercolor, though.


I do like the way his hair came out. I’ve given him a bit of a fauxhawk, and didn’t know how to show that. I’m always happy when just looking and drawing what I see works. It always feels a bit like magic.


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