No, I don’t know why I still think it’s 2008

20140731-222448-80688894.jpg...probably has something to do with the fact that I last worked in 2008. “Worked for money” that should say. I work every single day. Sometimes it’s noticeable. Most of the time it is not.

I love and hate this experiment in watercolor. They’re hard. I can’t fix something when I notice it’s wrong. They’re always wetter or dryer than I think. Colors dry much lighter or much darker than I expect. Layering makes them so much brighter than mixing, but I think it’s more fun to mix, soooooo… I like watching the paint mix on the paper. So much so that I’ll let it happen even if it really shouldn’t. I still don’t know how to make a REALLY dark gray for black (hence my reliance on pens…will the internet approve of my overuse of the word “hence” I actually use it in real life, where I grew up we used a lot of archaic words). My sketch pad paper is not the best quality, compared to others I’ve used. And I forget how much it warps. I REALLY like watching the paint mix on the paper. And run. And make those pretty edge lines where the color dries. It worked one time where a green left a beautiful blue hue all around the edge… yeah, I really like that.



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