Challenge: a week of crappy drawings

I really once had a bit of talent. Something that made my art teachers in both high school and college try to convince me to go into an artistic field. But talent is nothing. It only starts you out in a forward starting block, hard work can make people go so much further.

And now all that talent has atrophied. Like the weeks I’ve spent sitting on the couch instead of running, I have lost ability. And that makes it even harder to get off the couch or pick up a pen. But I need to do it. Because … actually, I have yet to figure out why I need to, except that I NEED to. It is missing in my life. It is something that I really need to do and not doing it is making me feel like I am missing something very important.

So, for the next week I will be putting crappy drawings up on my tumblr page. That’s a promise. They will be bad. They will be terrible. You will not like them. But I am not doing this for you. I’m not even sure I’m doing this for me. I’m doing this for whatever force gave me the need to create.


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