Seriously, there’s no excuse

I really can’t blame my inability to do anything on moving next week. I really don’t think that it’s fair, but man, I’m so stressed by the moving, and before that the process of buying a home in an area we really can’t afford a decent home (and yet renting really is just sucking us dry). I’ve accepted the fact that we’re buying a condo away from where I want to live, but that took awhile. I should have posted the journal entry (because I tried to draw every day in a journal and did it maybe twice and then waited a week and then did it three times and then didn’t for a month), I had a nice little illustration of the beautiful blue front door in the new place.

But eventually, after we’ve moved, I want to start living my artistic vision. I’m reading Die Empty, which is good, but focuses on people who already have the creative habits, because they need to, because that is there actual job, as opposed to me. My job is to raise my kids, but I’m dying slowly not having some artistic outlet. And at the same time, I want to take the reins and start moving this… I don’t know.

Anyone look into the POSEC method? It feels like the C could stand for create for me, but then it pushes it back to the ends of my day, which is really my current issue. I need to get stuff done, household, mommy-type stuff, but i only have so much energy. And I really want to do BOTH things… Bah!


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