Monthly Archives: January, 2016

Little Bird

Little bird
Have you come down my chimney
For the delicate scent
Of daffodils on my table
Out of the cold
To this warmth
Of man and burning
Come peck the crumbs
Of my leftover breakfast
Come bathe in the spilled water
Which overturned
With heated words
Of fear and pain

Little bird,
Soft bit of color
Peer at the window
Your twin sits
Equally unsure
Free, but freezing
Or a reflection
Of what you have risked

Little bird
You plummeted down my chimney
Frozen wings stuck unable to move
Prune your feathers
Fluff them at this vent
Still yourself
Celebrate this moment
Of returning from the dead
But still, calm
So I may take this hammer
And strike your little head


I had this written in a dream. I know it’s a silly little thing, but I liked it. I wanted to start posting my silly little things more often.