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Tea leaves



Another day, another drawing.

I need to work on getting my colors brighter/darker. Less muted. Also, I hate my lights in my kitchen. Stupid fluorescents. Mess with the shadows. In classes this happened, too, but there were more, whereas here there’s only one. And no sunlight at all. I can’t wait to live in a place where I can change all my lights and not have to have  these awful things.

Anyway. I need to work on color build up. La la la.


Little things

IMG_7480I’m amazed at how little things take up a larger part of my life nowadays, with kids. I find Legos everywhere. And those little animals we get from the dentist (I love our dentist). And doll clothing. Little teeny tiny pieces of crap. But I sort of love it. Even as it annoys me. I love it. I wouldn’t change it.

This duck has sat on my desk for months now. Because I’m shit at cleaning up. And because no one else seems to think it’s a good idea to bring it back in the bathroom where it belongs. Why? everyone needs to see it. There aren’t a whole lot of yellow things in our lives, so it stands out. And I think, I’ll go to the bathroom and bring this along. Only the timer dings for something, or a kid comes in and starts talking to me, or I decide it’s time to do something else. It doesn’t really matter. Things never seem to get done when they don’t include food or clean clothes on kids. So what am I doing? I’m forcing myself to spend 30 minutes a day on a watercolor painting and posting it. Because… well, why the hell not.

I don’t know what the stupid (bad word! we don’t use that word in this house! This is the rule made up by my 5-year-old, and, okay, fine, we don’t use that word… only some things are stupid.) ink marks in my book are from. But I refuse to waste a page just because there’s something on the page. And it makes sense with the reason for this drawing. I’m annoyed with all these little things, but they’re part of my life. I can’t change it, though I may try. I may be able to get them into other places, but I can never eradicate them completely.

Except that doing this has somehow freed up more time. How does that make sense? Suddenly, with forcing myself to do this every day I’m finding more time to get things done. Priorities? Is that all?

Anyway. I’ll find time to work on something real someday. When the kids are back in school or something. But for now 30 minutes a day works. I work on a large painting for about 10 minutes every weekend, but it’s not yet at a point where I can show anything.

Index Card 1And since I’m not patient enough to wait for things to dry (why does watercolor need so much patience?!!!) I’m going to try doing this Index Card A Day Challenge. The idea for me is to not think too hard. Just put the paint down. So when I can’t find a place to paint on whatever 30 minute thing I’m working on I add paint or ink to the index card. It may not be the best way to do things, going back and forth between seeing and random, but I enjoyed it today. And I don’t really care. 🙂